Ensuring Proper Sound

Sound is a critical component of all Native Brain apps – unfortunately a flaw in the design of the “Mute” slider on the iPad can lead to sound trouble within the app. This page will help you make sure your sound is functioning properly, or fix the problem if it is not.

The Problem

Rather than mute all sound on the iPad, the “mute” slider switch turns some sounds off, and lets other sounds play. Although there is a reason for this behavior (i.e., certain media apps only work with sound); the end result is generally confusion. A user hearing sound from some apps may logically conclude that their slider is set to “unmute”, when in fact it is set to mute.

The Solution

Below are 2 quick procedures that should resolve any sound issue:

Procedure 1:

1) Run Native Numbers
2) Click on settings button (upper right of menu) and make sure music is turned up
3) Switch mute slider back and forth (switch on upper right of iPad)
4) Each time you switch mute slider, turn volume up

5) If you hear the music, the sound is working (and you will then get proper instructions in the app)

If procedure 1 doesn’t work, please try procedure 2 below:

1) Exit any running app by pressing the home button once
2) Double-tap the home button (press it twice quickly).  This should cause the iPad desktop to slide up a couple of inches and show you a task bar at the bottom with some app icons in it.
3) In the task bar at the bottom, swipe from left-to-right as far as you can go.  That should pull some system controls into view. The speaker icon is all the way to the left. Tap on it and system sounds should return.


If you are using headphones with the app (recommended with multiple children playing in close proximity); make sure you set the volume up with the headphones plugged in. Every state the iPad is in has a separate volume, so it is important to check the volume with the headphones actually played in.

Other Issues

If you still have sound issues after completing the above steps, please contact us so we can help you resolve your problems.