The Early Math Curriculum that Almost Changed the World

No matter how long the conversation around early math education spins on, or how much we spend on trying to “solve” the problem, it seems like nothing ever changes – and we keep repeating the same basic themes:

1) Early Math Education is critically important
2) We are failing our kids – and slipping behind
3) We don’t know how to do better

We certainly agree with #1, and we’re not too happy about the scenario being created by #2 – but we could not disagree more with #3.

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How much “education” goes into an “educational app”?

Do you remember how you felt when you learned that the juice you were drinking actually contained only 10% “real juice”?

I know I was taken aback – and perhaps a bit horrified. For starters, I had always taken it for granted that the apple juice I was drinking was made of apples, and so it was disappointing to know I was 90% wrong. Second, the “10% real juice” claim ended with an exclamation point – as if the company making it was emphasizing that 10% was generous (and suggesting that other juices maybe contain even less). Finally – and this is the most disturbing part – it left me with a question…

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What Is the Future of Learning?

This short video tells the story of a young child named Jack and his iPad – how he got to know the iPad, what he learned with it in his first year, and the challenges he faced once he got to more advanced subjects.

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